Crossfit Open 2016

Hello CHGers, 
Well...this coming week is the CrossFit "season". The open begins Thursday February 25. It is a 5 week test of your fitness and the willingness to push yourself beyond the limits of your mind. This is what got me hooked on CrossFit and I get pretty amped up every year. Since beginning CHG 4+ years ago I received the gift of watching all of you push yourselves and experienced you successes. It is a great time to be a crossfitter (for the majority). I am going to list a few rules and generalities to remember during the next 5 weeks. Then I will go over the schedule changes. 

  • Please try to attempt the workouts during the designated times (they will be listed below). We are happy to accommodate special circumstances and will do all we can but you need a judge and it is hard to run a class and judge someone. You must provide your own judge if you are doing the workout at any other time than Friday evening and Sunday afternoon. 

  • Not everyone is participating, so, those that are not need to be able to come to a regular class and have it run normally. 

  • If you are not participating please bear with us. Sundays will be dedicated to the open but those of you not doing it can come in and work out just be aware that it will likely be crowded and hectic. 

  • Please sign up if you have not. Also don't wait until the last 15 minutes to enter your score. The scoreboard will likely be overloaded and you won't get your score in (Scores must be posted by 8:00 pm Monday night). If you do not post your score you will not get any points for your team. If for some reason you have to do the workout Monday night you need to be finished by 7:30 pm.  

  • You will not lose points for scaling and in some cases it may help your team so don't feel badly if you can't do a particular movement or weight. Just try your best and have fun.  

  • Don't get hurt. If you are uncertain about a movement or weight then you always have the option of not doing it. If that happens then you know what you need to work on. Look at it as an opportunity for growth. If you try it then perhaps you are risking failure or injury. That's ok, it's a choice. For me...I'll die for one more rep! It's your responsibility to take the risk or not....not a coach or a judge. We will always provide suggestions and feedback but you're on your own kid.....we are going to let you go for it if that's what you want.  

  • You must sign in when you come to the open classes. There will be a sign up sheet and you will be called in the order you signed in. There will be a general warm up posted. It is your responsibility to warm up and be ready when called. There may be 30-40 people all needing to be judged. It's busy and hectic...but at the same time...pretty friggin cool. There is a lot of energy in the building. Be ready and please help clean up. Let's not be there all day. 

  • You can do the workouts as many times as you like. I will program them as the WOD on Friday but remember...you need a judge and there is typically only one coach per class. 

  • DO NOT yell at your judge! (that goes for me too...I am the biggest baby of all). They are regular folks just trying to help out. Thank them and move on.  

  • Let's have a fun, safe and challenging 5 week open season. Have a good attitude. Cheer on others and join in the celebration of their accomplishments. This is what makes a Crossfit box different than a regular gym. Enjoy it. You all are what make it so special.  

  • Thank you for participating and being awesome. 



  • Open party: Thursday February 25 7:15- 9:00. No CF class at 7:15. Come and hang out. The teams will be revealed and T shirts handed out. BYOB.  

  • Friday Night Lights. From 5:00- 8:00 Friday night. Open WODs only. No bootcamp or regular classes.  

  • Sundays: 10:00- 1:00. Open wods. No yoga or bootcamp until open season is done. It will still be open gym for those not doing the open. Please be patient. It will be busiest the first hour or two then thin out.  

  • Friday's WODs. I will program the open wods for those days so if you can't make the evening times you can attempt the open workout then 

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