Hey CHGers, 

I hope all is well. Summer is winding down and I hope to see the class attendance pick up. There is a ton happening at CHG and I want to fill you in. 

Firstly, I think most of you are aware of the move. As it stands I hope to be in the new space by the middle of August. The space is awesome. We will have almost double the space, a huge garage door to run in and out of, bigger bathrooms....with a shower in each, and a separate treatment area for Chiro and hopefully massage. I could always use some help. If any of you want to work at the new space please let me know...I would appreciate it.  

In between now and the move I may have to cancel some classes. I am trying my best to keep the schedule as is but I have to get the other place ready. Please bear with me...and check the schedule for updates. 

The annual CHG epic mountain journey is less than 2 weeks away. The house is paid for and all set....if you want to go please bring your money...$50 to tent and $100 to stay inside. Remember....we will be sharing rooms. The house is pretty big and the yard is nice...but the porch is to die for. It should be a great time. Please pick up all your trash and clean up. I put down $500 for a security deposit....please please...don't make me use it. My arse in on the hook for any damages.  

I have been up to the ADKs and the trails are in great shape. Even though there has been very little rain you will encounter mud....you WILL get your shoes muddy....you will incur scrapes from the pesky scrub pines near the peak. We are climbing Mt. Marcy...the highest peak. It is 14 miles round trip....it will take all day....you will get tired...if it rains...be prepared. The view....is pretty sweet. Worth the work...unless it is raining in which case you will see nothing. We hike Saturday August 5th...rain or shine...unless there is lightening...that is a no no. 

….And...lastly..August is hero month. We will honor the fallen heroes twice a week. Be prepared for anything. It will be challenging but very rewarding. That is what makes CrossFit different from other gyms/ programs.  

Thank you, 


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