Hey CHGers, 

Here is an update on the move. Please bear with me because everything I am about to type is subject to change. We are at the mercy of the electrical and town inspectors. Their decisions could hold up the moving date and it is out of our control. 

That being is where we are. If all goes according to plan we should have the flooring in tomorrow (at least some of it). Hopefully enough so that we can move most of the equipment Saturday. My plan is to have a trailer ready Saturday morning. I will be there around 7. I could use as many hands as possible.  

There will be no classes Saturday or Sunday and it is likely that I will have to cancel Monday morning classes. I apologize. I will know more by tomorrow night. If we can't get the final inspection I will have to wait until Monday sometime after 9. 

Keep checking with me for any changes. I may be able to do some moving (lite stuff) and possibly painting tomorrow night (Friday).  

I appreciate all your help. You have been great. The new gym is going to be great and something you will be proud of. 


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