Hey CHGers, 

Greeting athletes..well...it's that time of the year again! The Reebok CrossFit open 2017. Five weeks of competition, camaraderie and well....yes..suffering. But...it will be worth it. The more you suffer, the fitter you become. I wish it were easier but alas...it is not.  

We have a great turnout again. Thank you. The more that participate the more exciting it is. Many of you will surpass your expectations...and most of us will come face to face with our limit. Don't shy away though...face it and learn about yourself and give yourself something to train for in the upcoming year. This is my 10th year competing... I haven't won...yet...but I keep coming back.  

We will not have classes Friday nights or Sunday mornings. Those times are reserved for open attempts. We will resume regularly scheduled classes on April 7. Please look at the schedule. 

Here are some rules by which to abide. 

  • Have fun (that's really the most important one) 

  • Try to do the workouts on Friday night or Sunday mornings.  

  • Sign up online and when you come in that day. First come first serve 

  • Cheer on your fellow competitors 

  • Don't yell at your judge (they are volunteers trying their best) 

  • Try your hardest and be proud of your accomplishment 

If you need to make other arrangements to do the workout that is your responsibility. Ask one of the coaches and don't do them during another class. Also, the scores must be posted by 20:00 Monday night. Don't wait until 19:45 to do so...the server will be slow and you won't get it in. If that is the case it is your fault...you've been warned and your team will not receive a point (it happens every year).  

3.2.1....GO!!!! Make a decision... 


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