Hello CHGers, 

As I sit here and reflect upon the last 5 weeks and have trouble standing because my thighs are so sore, I have a feeling of pride welling up inside. Watching all of you show up every week, many of you more than once, was so inspiring. Some of you have never competed in crossfit. Some of you didn't think you could do it but listened to our encouragement (bitching) and signed up anyways. Well, give yourself a pat on the back. Some of you couldn't do all the workouts. Maybe because you were injured or time constraints or travel or "other" reasons. That's ok, I hope you enjoyed what you could do. Nobody died (came close), nobody passed out (got dizzy) nobody got booed (maybe I did) but everyone laughed and cheered and sweated and left with their head held up high. I'm proud of you all.  

Sometimes we wonder why we put ourselves through the stress of competing. Well...I know for me it forces me to try a little harder. Fitness is really about the effort put forth. For that alone, it's worth it. What about the butterflys? Well, that's good too. It means you care. It means your body was getting ready to go into battle. It's kind of like that first hill on a roller coaster...going up you wonder what the hell you got yourself into...then before you know it it's all over and was actually fun. Sign up for another...don't wait. It will make you better.  

I also want to thank all the coaches who put in the extra time help judge and set things up. Couldn't have done it without you. Also the members who stayed around to help judge and cheer each other on. You don't get this at a regular gym/ health club. It's what makes CHG (CF boxes) special. I have come to realize what makes CHG special is you folks. You're all a bunch of great people (kinds sick but in a good way). Thank you from the bottom of my heart. enough is over time to get to work! Get that first muscle up...go rx'd next year. The training starts now! 3 2 1..GO!  


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