Hello CHGers, 

I hope you all had a great Thanksgiving with friends and family. I got to spend it with my daughter.  

The reason for this post is to inform you on the future of CHG. Here is a little background. I have run through the interview process with Airrosti rehab centers based out of Texas. They are responsible for all athlete non-emergency medical services of all sanctioned crossfit events, including the games. If I can't qualify as an athlete perhaps I can get there as a treating doctor!!! After 4 interviews I was hired to become part of the Airrosti team. That is very exciting. Unfortunately, they do not run any facilities in New York state so I will be relocating. The catch is...I do not know when. It could be in a month or in a year. I am currently "on deck" awaiting word on when they will open a facility in the Richmond Virginia area.  

I am working on a selling the business and have a potential buyer. If all goes according to plan there will not be many changes. I will continue to coach and program the same as I do now. My office will remain where it is. We are hoping that it will be a smooth transition and you (the members) will not notice any difference.  

I the interim I would like for all members to stay with us. I understand your concerns and will be happy to address any of them. I would like to put everyone on a monthly payment plan for now until I know for sure what direction we are headed.  

You can contact me via email adam@catalysthealthgroup.com or call my cell 585-507-2254. I will do my best to answer any questions. 

Thank you 


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