Hello CHGers, 
The new year is almost here and there are some changes at CHG. I have decided not to renew the crossfit affiliation so we are no longer a crossfit gym. The ONLY difference that you will notice is that the class is now called "strength and conditioning". Everything else will be the same...except the price. I will list the pricing below. There will be some changes to the pricing and what classes you are allowed to attend. Please take note. As of now, whatever membership you have will renew at the new price. There will be a new category and some add- ons so please make sure you read the rules thoroughly.  

Unlimited strength and conditioning: $119/month (formerly unlimited CF). Strength and conditioning classes only. 

3 strength and conditioning classes per week: $99/month. Strength and conditioning only 

Unlimited HIITfit: $89/month. HIITfit classes only.  

3 HIITfit classes per week: $69/month. HIITfit classes only 

10 class punch pass: $100 good for 60 days. Any class. Does not renew 

Premium membership: $129/month. Strength and conditioning classes and HIITfit classes. Open gym. Unlimited.  

Supremium membership: $159/month. Premium membership + one chiropractic visit ($10 discount). 

Chiropractic member discount: $40/visit ($50 regular price).  

Couples discount: 25% off one membership (the less expensive of the two). 

Your memberships will renew at the corresponding rate when the new year starts. I do not have any prepay options yet but hopefully in the future we can add some prepay incentives. If you have prepaid ahead then you will not owe until your current membership ends. These are for autopay memberships only. If you are not on autopay add $10 to each option. If you have any questions feel free to call me 507-2254 or email



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