"Don't stop when you're tired. Stop when you're done."

Adam started CrossFit in 2007. While working out in a globo gym he was asked to try a CrossFit workout. Thrusters and pullups. Sounded easy. Well after 15 minutes Adam was lying on the floor wondering what happened. He was hooked.

Within a few years Adam quit the globo gym, got CrossFit certified and opened up a garage gym. Now it was time to combine CrossFit and Chiropractic. With his knowledge of the human body the concept of functional fitness and high intensity just made sense. Catalyst Health Group was born (CHG).

CHG has been the business Adam had always dreamed of owning. Adam has also found a community of people who share his passion for fitness and helping people. Truly a blessing.
“Whether you think you can, or think you can’t – you’re right.” - Henry Ford

Melissa started CrossFit in August 2012 after experiencing a tragic, life changing event. She was looking for something positive to occupy her time – something that would make her feel good and give her a sense of accomplishment. She found what she was looking for in CrossFit and was immediately hooked. She had always worked out in her life, but nothing ever made her feel like CrossFit did, nor had she ever seen the results she’s gotten. She pursued coaching because the principles of CrossFit make sense, the workouts are challenging, the sense of accomplishment is amazing and the community aspect of it is supportive and encouraging. She can be heard saying that CrossFit saved her life, and it did. She is passionate about the sport and wants to help each member achieve their goals and experience functional fitness in its truest form. CHG allows her to be her best and give her best – it’s her home away from home.
"When your mind is telling you you’re done, you’re really only 40 percent done." - Navy SEAL

Ryan started CrossFit right out of college in 2013 and hasn't turned back since. Always a rec league athlete, he was looking for something to do after college that was beyond the typical gym routine. CrossFit not only checked all the boxes, but it changed the way he viewed fitness forever. Everything in CrossFit made sense - movements that translate to everyday activity and goal-oriented training with a little competition and sense of community thrown in for good measure. It also taught him that the mental aspect is just as important to develop as the physical. He decided to pursue coaching after three years, driven by the desire to help others achieve their physical goals and to show them that they are capable of much more than they ever thought possible, both physically and mentally. CHG and the community that surrounds it provides the perfect place to do just that.
"Practice, endless practice, fueled by love." - Chris Moore

Ben found CrossFit after a few years' wandering around more traditional gyms. He dabbled in the occasional mainsite WOD at the YMCA, and eventually put all his chips in a membership at a box where a friend worked. Not too long after, Ben found himself mostly working out the garage instead of at a box. From there, the transition to coaching was almost accidental. Ben started programming the workouts, looking up ways to improve and stay safe, and as part of that helping everyone working out with him. After Ben moved his workouts from his garage to CHG, he found himself missing that piece of the experience and decided to pursue coaching. Ben met CHG when he dropped in to complete some CrossFit Open workouts. When Ben was looking for a box to call home, he came to CHG for the community that thrives there. Every time he walks in, that community proves just how right he was.
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