The insurance environment becomes more complicated every day. With rising copays, huge deductibles and various tax deductible payment incentives many clients just don’t really have coverage. As much as I want to participate in all insurance plans it is not economically feasible for me to do so. If you have any coverage questions feel free to contact me. Below is a list of common insurances and their coverage.

Plans that I accept:
Excellus BC/BS
Empire/United Health Care

I do not take worker's comp injuries or no fault auto accidents unless it is a new injury or case.

The cash price for Chiropractic is as follows:
Office Visit: $50.00
Once Per Month Discount: $40.00/per office visit
Once Per Week Discount: $30.00/per office visit
Medicare and All Clients Over 65y/o: $30.00/per office visit
CrossFit Members: $30.00/per office visit
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