My belief in Chiropractic is based in the idea that the human body is capable if healing itself from most disease. We have been around on this planet for about 200,000 years long before modern medicine and Chiropractic for that reason. Our bodies have adapted to survive through the harshest of climates, terrible diseases and elementary school holiday concerts [sic]. Through evolution and experiences over the years we have found ways to keep us healthy, avoid sickness and hasten recover from countless injuries and diseases.

Health is acquired through proper rest, nutrition and exercise. Injures are avoided by proper structure and efficient movement. My Chiropractic training is based on providing the correct alignment helping each individual obtain the maximal range of motion in all their joints. Once the body is no longer able to move, death will not be far behind. If you don’t strive for proper joint function you will lose valuable movement in small degrees. Once you get to a certain point, dysfunction will set in and you will experience pain. This is when most of you (hopefully) will seek help. Most will experience relief fairly quickly. Unfortunately, most of you will also discontinue care and go back to your lifestyle without any changes. More dysfunction will happen and pain will return. Hello…welcome to the beginning of the degenerative process.

Relief? This is the point where most of us head for the “bottle”….the ibuprofen bottle that is. You will experience relief…AHHH! But at what cost? No matter what pill you take, prescription or over the counter, you are changing your body’s chemistry and interfering with the processes that have kept us alive as a species for all those years. No, there won’t be consequences from taking it once, but repeated use WILL eventually take its toll. The degenerative “train” will be picking up steam and the surgeon will be sharpening their scalpel.

This is where my expertise lies. I can provide acute care to get you out of pain. I can suggest a home care protocol to help you avoid unnecessary medication. Best of all, I can help you not only recover, but slow down and in some cases, reverse the degenerative process. All you have to do is decide to make some changes and work hard. True health lies in fitness. Fitness is acquired through rest, nutrition and exercise. CHG has everything you need.
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